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Art of the Performer Bio with Sailor St. Claire

Do you find yourself in a panic when asked for a bio? Not sure what to say or how much you should say? This class will introduce you to the genre of the performer bio and provide a method for creating a stockpile of bios for various audiences — from festival producers to fans to potential bookers. The bio is a critical tool for a performer’s self-presentation and this class will instruct students on how to craft engaging biographies that maintain a consistent persona across multiple platforms. Bring a notebook & a pen.


Pin-up Classes with Bettina May

BOMBSHELL HAIR from 12:00pm – 1:30pm

Discover how to curl any type of hair, create long-lasting Victory rolls, glamorous waves, sturdy up-dos, and how to create hairstyles to withstand hot studio and stage lights or vigorous dancing! Also learn how to incorporate accessories for quick vintage looks and how to troubleshoot mishaps. Bring your accessories, hair flowers, vintage hats, and all of your hair questions. 

This is primarily a demo class with question and answer

STRIKE A POSE from 1:30 – 3:00pm

Tired of not getting good live photos of your acts at shows? Want to look confident onstage or in studio and embrace the power of stillness? Just want to look your best in a selfie? Learn the magic of classic pin-up posing with international pin-up expert Bettina May, and you’ll be the star of photos, stage, and life! All genders and bodies will benefit. During the class, students will have an opportunity to speak with Bettina May about her experience as both a published pin-up model and photographer in a Q & A setting, and then get hands-on experience trying out her poses, playing with different characters, and get individual assistance and correction with posing. Come dressed to move, and wear sturdy heels if you like.

How To Mix and Mingle

with Your Adoring Fans with Miss Kitty Baby

Do you want to be a better socialite stripper? Learn great ways to mix mingle and give your fans a memorable showgirl/boy experience. Become savvy in the ways of adoring your fans, allowing them to adore you, how to work a room, and even how to escape. Part lecture part workshop. Bring a notebook!


Political Burlesque with Chesty LaRue

So, you want to create a political act? Will it be comedic, somber, or full of rage? How can you form the act to accurately portray your stance in addition to being socially conscious? There are many factors to consider when constructing a political act. Political Burlesque is the class to help you start thinking critically about the why and how. Political Burlesque is designed to give the information and insight to comfortably (and responsibly!) create an act based on difficult or uneasy topics. With lecture, discussion, and videos of various political act examples, you will leave class with a new found understanding of what a political act means and the structure to devise a performance that says something.


Getting Funky on a Saturday Morning with Lux LaCroix

Ain’t nothing wrong with a good ol’ dance class! We’re talkin’ a warm up, move break down and full out choreographed number suitable for ALL skill levels! You’re gonna get your sexy moves, your funky moves and your moves to pull our next time you’re at the club ALL IN ONE CLASS! Bring an open mind, a sense of humor, and your dance superstars fantasies because Lux is going to help you achieve all your Music Video Dance Diva dreams!


Stage Kitten Class with Maggie McMuffin

Stage kittening. Pick up artistry. Panty bossing, whatever you call it it’s important to a good show. From backstage communication to onstage presence and everything in between Maggie McMuffin will TEACH YOU the tricks you need to be top notch stripper picker upper!

Learn how to communicate with producers, please performers, and not distract from the emcee.

*Students should come prepared to take notes and do physical exercises.


Beyond the Imagination with Delirious Fenix

How to bring the whole concept to an object?  How do I know what elements I use at the scene?  How many props do I need to communicate my idea well ?  Creating a relationship with an object in a scene, and to take away all its potential to present an idea, requires body consciousness and creativity.  In this class, you will have the chance to awake your body senses and work in a creative way the use of your props!

Students will work with physical and corporeal techniques to build a greater scenic power, awaken their senses, and work on the relation body/prop.

Part 1 – Exercises to prepare and awaken the body. Students should wear comfortable yoga clothes and be prepared to work barefoot.

Part 2 – Applying the awakened body to your performance. Students should bring an object related to their performance character, and a possible costume item, even if it is just a piece of cloth.

This course is recommended for those with over 3 years of performance experience. Others admitted by Headmistress discretion only.

Others admitted by Headmistress discretion only.


Controlled Chaos with Isaiah Esquire

An ALL-LEVELS class geared towards expanding your movement and elongating your lines with controled strength and power. Internationally acclaimed Dancer/Choreographer/Performer, Isaiah Esquire specializes in comanding space and channeling energy on stage. Isaiah will be focusing on body awareness, momentum, and breathe and how to create more control on stage. Participants will be taught choreography that encourages the performer to practice musicality while performing and moving in exciting new ways.


Beyond the Veil with Johnny Nuriel

The veil is a seductive and mysterious implement that accentuates the subtle gestures of the body. This workshop will focus on the grace and power of the Veil, and the Vail Fan. Geared towards ALL-LEVELS, Participants will workshop exciting possibilities for incorporating veil on stage through improve and choreography. Innovative Burlesque Performer & Flow Artist, Johnny Nuriel offers a dynamic intensive on the veil while also opening dialogue on how we hold space and command an audience with our props. Participants are encouraged to bring their own Fan Veils or regular veils if they have them. Several will be provided if needed.


You Tease with Ray Gunn

This class identifies and typifies the major types of teases that are most successful in the art of burlesque. Participants will learn to discern the differences of archetypal tease and gain tools to zero in on the central focus and intention of any act. By understanding the types of teases, participants will be able to broaden their scope of act creation and use tools to keep their repertoire expansive.


Stage Kitten Class with Maggie McMuffin

Stage kittening. Pick up artistry. Panty bossing, whatever you call it it’s important to a good show. From backstage communication to onstage presence and everything in between Maggie McMuffin will show you the tricks you need to be top notch stripper picker upper!  Learn how to communicate with producers, please performers, and not distract from the emcee.


G-String Warrior Workout with Sweetpea

In this self-empower hour for God/desses of all levels of fitness, ability, and positivity, Sweetpea will stimulate your mind while leading you through a full-body workout, combining circuits (Pea Pods) with corresponding affirmations, and the explanations to make sense of it along the way.  At the end of the great mind/body workout, students will also leave with a handout outlining the workout, the affirmations and explanations, and extra resources.


Make Choreography Easy with Red Bone (MN)

What is choreography? In a nutshell, choreography is designing & memorizing moments, motion and/or formations to and from the next moment, motion and/or formation. Dancing should compliment or enhance the story you’re telling, not distract!  Keep it simple! Standing with beautiful posture and lines can be just as powerful as intricate choreography.


Physical Theater: The Awakened Body with Delirious Fenix

Many courses teach stage presence. This course teaches stage performers to use their bodies to make their acts interesting and hold the attention of the audience.  From the beginning of the act to the conclusion, the energy of an act is exuded through an alert and awakened body. Students will work with physical and corporeal techniques to build a greater scenic power, awaken their senses, and develop precise movements that attract attention and focus from the audience. This course is recommended for those with over 3 years of performance experience.   Others admitted by Headmistress discretion only.


Super Sexy Saturday with Lola Frost & Ray Gunn 

One Super Sexy Saturday, Two Super Sexy performers/instructors and Four Super Sexy classes!

Lola Frost “Most Dazzling Dancer 2013” will be teaching:

  • Introduction to Chair Dance
  • Slow Burn: Moving with Sensuality and Intention
Ray Gunn “International King of Burlesque 2013” will be teaching:

  • Steps: A Choreography Workshop
  • Nuts N’Bolts: Intermediate Act Creation Workshop


Finding Your Twerk with The Lady B

Blending the basics of movement therapy, a warm-up of pilates and yoga, and the art of twerk in its many forms, The Lady B will guide you through a series of twerking tools to increase your visceral vocabulary in a purposefully non-appropriative setting. You will learn to question, with your mind and body, how you can navigate this Africanist movement in a body-affirming way outside of the standard Euro-centric dance studio choreography context. The Lady B will invite you to build your core strength, explore the capacity of your anatomy, and celebrate your booty.


Dr. Lucky

Dr. Lucky is a leading scholar on neo-burlesque. She has published articles and reviews in peer-reviewed, scholarly journals including the Journal of American Drama and Theatre, Journal of Popular Culture, and Senses and Society.


Perlesque with Perle Noire

Perle Noire’s unique and dynamic style has earned her a spot with Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray Tour and numerous awards from the Burlesque Hall of Fame Miss Exotic World Competition.


Jacqueline Boxx

Jacqueline Boxx is the only Tucson burlesque performer who brings her wheelchair, her canes, and her leg braces on stage and makes them both visible and enticing. Her acts are expressive of her experience with chronic pain and limited mobility, and she strives to bring attention through glamour and spectacle to disability.


Dirty Martini

The “definition of burlesque” Miss Dirty Martini is one of the most famous and celebrated Burlesque performers in the world and for good reason! This voluptuous vixen is a thrill to watch on stage for her high-energy, extravagant, and over-the-top performance acts incorporating classic burlesque styles and contemporary themes.

Two classes and private lessons available.


Bazuka Joe

Movement and Musicality

Movement and Musicality is a dance-based, hands-on movement class that focuses on music theory as a driver to create sophisticated, thoughtful choreography.

Jazz Dance 101

Jazz 101 is a 90 minute straight up dance class presented by Bazuka Joe of The Stage Door Johnnies. Dancers will actively participate in stretching exercises, a choreographed warm-up, strength and core work, and learn a combination that includes elements of basic jazz and Fosse techniques.


Chair Acro with Mr. Gorgeous

This class explores various ways to maneuver around and pose on the chair. This 60 minute class begins with a warm-up and stretch, headstand, shoulder stand, and rolling section, followed by exploring tricks and shapes on the chair. This class is good for students who are new to acrobatics and those who are looking to explore core techniques that allow the body to maneuver on chairs and other sturdy props.


Arc of the Tease: Applied 

with Jonny Porkpie

Join us for a 90 minute burlesque workshop for Seattle’s seasoned performers  by Jonny Porkpie.


Perlesque with PERLE NOIRE

Visiting from New York! See her website


Samba-Lesque with LOLA LOVE

Learn the basic samba step and other popular moves seen in samba while learning a sexy piece of choreography. Bump, grind and samba in this aerobic class aimed to offer technique, build confidence and be a ton of fun.

Visiting from Hawaii! See her website


Jazz-Lesque with COCO LECTRIC

Award-winning burlesque performer and producer, Coco Lectric, brings you a slinky, sultry jazz class celebrating the sensual style of Bob Fosse in Jazzlesque! Learn the foundation of traditional Jack Cole jazz techniques of stage and screen to the sexed-up, statuesque style Fosse brought to audiences all over the world.

Visiting from Texas! See her website

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