Johnny Nuriel



Beyond the Veil with Johnny Nuriel: ALL LEVELS The veil is a seductive and mysterious implement that accentuates the subtle gestures of the body. This workshop will focus on the grace and power of the Veil, and the Vail Fan. Geared towards ALL-LEVELS, Participants will workshop exciting possibilities for incorporating veil on stage through improve and choreography. Innovative Burlesque Performer & Flow Artist, Johnny Nuriel offers a dynamic intensive on the veil while also opening dialogue on how we hold space and command an audience with our props. Participants are encouraged to bring their own Fan Veils or regular veils if they have them. Several will be provided if needed.

Johnny Nuriel is a powerfully androgynous and versatile performer known for his signature fusion of fire, object manipulation, burlesque, belly dance, aerial, and LED performance. He is a dynamic mover, uniting these multiple disciplines to create unique and vibrant performances. Johnny draws on his natural blend of Masculine and Feminine to create his stage aesthetic, delivering shocking visuals through the use of elaborate costumes, veils, masks, and dramatic stage makeup. He is the co-producer of the hit monthly show, Boyeurism, a show that delivers its audience a dazzling array of drag, circus, burlesque, and live vocal performances showcasing a diverse range of masculinity. Johnny performs with the Caravan of Glam, a travelling queer cabaret troupe that performs throughout the United States. You can also catch Johnny Performing Fire at Dante’s as part of SINFERNO.