Private Coaching

Get just the help you want. Get exactly the support you need. 

Does this sound like YOU?

“I want to do my first fan dance”

“I’m stuck on the moves for this one part of my act”

“I’m too shy to take a class, but I want to learn Burlesque”

“I’m submitting my act for the first time and want it to be awesome!”

“I just got offered my first headlining gig and I’m FREAKING OUT”


Get the support and coaching you crave! When you book private lessons with the Academy Faculty, you are getting the help you need to meet your Burlesque goals. (You can even get one-on-one time with Queen Inga!)



General:  30 min at $100, 60min at $155

Choreography: 60min at $250

All bookings are processed with Mindbody. Payment is required at time of booking. Refunds are subject to our general refund policy.


Book a 30 or 60 minute session for either General Coaching or Choreography. General Coaching could include help with props, an act review, overall career coaching, stage presence, or specific skill development (fans, floorwork, etc). Choreography is booked by the amount of time the instructor spends developing and teaching you the choreography.

Instructions to Book a Coaching Session (below):

  1. Click “Select Appointment Type” to pick what kind of Coaching Appointment you want
  2. Click “All Instructors” to choose an Instructor
  3. Click a date in the calendar
  4. Click the “SEARCH” button – then look below the calendar for available time options
  5. Click a time and book!

Remember, all Bookings are managed with Mindbody. If you do not yet have an account, you will be prompted to create one.