Elsa/Ernie Von Schmaltz

Elsa/Ernie Von Schmaltz is a veteran performer with 15+ years of burlesque under her/his belt. With the creation and maintenance of two distinctly gendered personae, both Ernie and Elsa regularly appear among Seattle’s premiere burlesque emcees and performers.

Both characters cover a wide range of presentation incorporating physical comedy, absurd whimsy, verbal tease and drop dead sexy into each appearance. Both characters perform burlesque, emcee shows and festivals, and are widely respected in the greater burlesque community.

Elsa, “The Effervescent Ecdysiast Emcee Extraordinaire” brings brains, beauty and boobs to her character. Her quirky caftans and quick wit bring verve and vulnerability to all her performances. She is a founding member of The Von Foxies, Best Burlesque Troupe 2007 at the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She is also the founder of SchmaltzFit fitness exercise classes!

Ernie, “The Man, The Myth, The Mustache” spreads his concept of manliness as far as he’s able. He is known for is powerfully absurd portrayal of stereotyped masculinity, truly embodying male burlesque,

Both Elsa and Ernie are in love with helping new performers realize their burlesque dreams.  They are available for private lessons and consultation.