Total transformation!

I took Burlesque 101 online to try to spark my creativity… any creativity! I was not expecting the total transformation that happened.

In the class I learned about my body, my face, how to wear makeup, how to stand out, create a story through dance, and how to count beats of a song. I learned to see the beauty in everyone’s unique styles and different body types. I learned how to look at myself!

6 months later the transformation continues and it shows up in places I never expected. When I am playing with my son I use exaggerated facial expressions and create a much greater connection with him. I slow down and look at my body and appreciate the perfect imperfections. I wear clothes I would have never worn and receive lots of compliments! I have lost 63 pounds in 6 months and I know it is because of the way I have learned to love and communicate with my body.

woman in red floral bathing suit

I see how the short 2 month program infiltrates my life daily. I am excited to see where I will be in 6 more months!

Indigo Blue and Moscato Extatique have a compassionate and accepting way that allows the whole group to be themselves and discover more to who they are. They are true leaders in the industry!

I recommend Burlesque for anyone. The more scared you are to take it, the more room for transformation 🙂

Brooke Haynes, Louisville KY