Have you seen Dita’s hand-jeweled Swarovski encrusted costumes made by the exquisite Catherine D’Lish?  OMG they are Divine!  I want them all!  No-one sparkles like Dita!

Burlesque can be as decadent (and pricey) or as down-home (and budget-friendly) as you can imagine.  Over the years we’ve compiled some great resources which we would love to share with you!

Dita Von Teese

Indigo Blue by Chris Blakeley

My first costume was a thrift-store vintage dress, shoes, and pillbox hat, and off-the-rack undies & bra decorated with felt and sequins.  Over time I added a few rhinestones for sparkle.

Since then I have been fortunate to work with incredible designers like Catherine, Danial Webster, and Jamie Von Stratton to build a spectacular wardrobe. 

But whether you are making your first costume with sequins, or lusting over Dita’s Swarovski, one lesson stands true: The real sparkle comes from the inside.  Always work on that first, and you will be sure to shine bright.



Indigo Blue by POC Photography, costume by Danial Hellman

Shoes by Catherine D’Lish, from Dita’s private collection

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