Academy of Burlesque alumni invitational 2014 Seattle

Jo with the cast of the 2014 Alumni invitational showcase.

Looking Back: Jo “Boobs” Residency

Over the years the Academy of Burlesque has been proud to host a number of visiting guest instructors. We love bringing in talent from other parts of the country to cross-pollinate with our local performers and give our students a broad view of the world of burlesque. We asked Headmistress Miss Indigo Blue for some memories of when Jo “Boobs” was here in residency from New York.

In the winter of 2014, the Academy of Burlesque had the tremendous fortune of having the illustrious Jo “Boobs” Weldon as our Instructor-In-Residence.  During the (very cold) month that she spent in Seattle, Jo taught two courses and performed in our Alumni Invitational Showcase.

Jo and I have worked together in many capacities over the years – and it has been an honor to have her as my colleague.  We are the Co-Directors for Education at the Burlesque Hall of Fame, original Co-Curators of BurlyCon, and partner Headmistresses at our respective institutions across the continent from each other.

Twice she has traveled to the Northwest to Co-Teach with me at Burlesque Intensive Retreats.  And uncountable times she has been my ear, and I hers, as we create this industry of Burlesque Education on the fly.

It was a wonderful treat to host her, and a delightful pleasure to have her teach here at the Academy of Burlesque.