The most common questions I get are “How do their lips get soooo sparkly? What is that Lipstick you’re wearing? …and where can I get it?”

Burlesque performers are known for their glitz and shine, but sparkly lips are at the absolute top of our shiny bag of tricks!

Well, now I’m going to share with YOU this tried & true burlesque “secret”…

Ruby Mimosa and I spent some time at StudioBLUE in Seattle, and we filmed this super quick, super EASY tutorial for you!

In addition to being a Lead Instructor teaching Burlesque 101 at the Academy of Burlesque, Ruby *also* teaches our Pin-up Makeup, Makeup for Burlesque, Wig Tricks, and Bump & Grind Dance Classes. 

Now, she’s brought her copious expertise to help YOU make your lips sparkle!

And you won’t need these little capsules, either <poop glitter>, because with burlesque lips it happens naturally!

Make your mouth magical with us!

Love & Glitter,