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Midnite Martini


Burlesque Choreography

You just wanna dance? Get up and move with Queen of Burlesque Miss Exotic World 2014 Midnite Martini!  Midnite will take guide you through a warm-up to get those all those burlesque muscles heated up. Then you will practice some simple dance techniques that are sure to make any person with two-left feet look like a dancer onstage. Last you will learn a sassy and fun choreographed combo to take with you to the stage or the bedroom. And you’ll hear some of her trade secrets, burlesque mantras, and general striptease suggestions sprinkled in.  Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or newbie, this workshop will break it down and spice it up

Burlesque Booty

Embrace the jiggle and strengthen your wiggle with this non-impact and non-judgmental backside focused workout. Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2014 Midnite Martini will have you strengthen, stretch and shake it like never before! Great for any fitness level to burn into that booty and release your posterior power!

About Midnite:

Midnite Martini, Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Reigning Queen of Burlesque,  Miss Exotic World 2014 and has been named one of Burlesque’s Top 50 Figures by 21st Century Burlesque multiple times.

She is known as a trailblazer for her combination of her circus and dance training with the art of striptease, as well as an innovator for her burlesque creation the “Midnite Finger Fans“ (which YOU can learn now at

Midnite has titillated audiences across the world from Las Vegas casinos to the Atlantis Resort Bahamas to New York nightclubs and Montreal theatres. Midnite has been interviewed and featured in Burlesque: the True Art of Seduction, Burlesque: A Coffee Table Book, Bachelor Pad Magazine, Pin Curl Magazine, Pao Network’s documentary “Burlesque”, and Asia Xpress Newspaper 

This martini is best known for her dramatic aerial burlesque, where pieces of beautiful costuming fall to the ground while Midnite spins, drops, and soars through the air and lyra, tissu, and trapeze. She has also been lovingly deemed “Stocking Girl” for her unique and innovative stocking peels. The athletic stocking peel from her Burlesque Hall of Fame performance in 2010 won her “Most Innovative Move” from the Burlesque Innovation Guild.

Miss Martini is a pilates and group fitness trainer and dance instructor. She believes in empowering every person to move no matter what age, shape, or experience! Midnite is also determined to spread the good word of the Burlesque around the world and continuing important conversations about body image, self worth, adoptees and performers of color.

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