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Fosse Jack

Fosse Jack is a Seattle based actor-dancer turned ecdysiast, cabaret artist, choreographer and writer. The Limelight Loverboy has appeared on stage with some of Seattle’s top burlesque talent, blending innocence, eroticism, class, cheek, and his own waggish charm into performance art that has warmed the love-bits of audiences since 2010. He has choreographed and artistic directed three burlesque ballets with OtterPup productions (Draculesque, Coppafelia, A Metamodern Prometheus), and is also the writer and choreographer of The Tennessee Tease, a full-length literary burlesque adaptation of Tennessee Williams’ memoirs. 

He is an original cast member Burlesco DiVino: Wine In Rome, a Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann Production, and has performed in shows all over Seattle including The Seattle Boylesque Festival (2016), Carnal Appetites: A Cabaret of Kink (Café Nordo), Magnifique, Tuesday Tease, Guardians of the Sexy, Behind The Blue Door: Doctor Who Burlesque, Danger Zone: Burlesque Inspired by Archer, Through the Looking Glass: The Burlesque Alice in Wonderland, and more. He holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Seattle Pacific University.