How did I come to create the Academy? BurlyCon? TwirlyGirl Pasties? What led me to compete for (and, in 2011, WIN) the Miss Exotic World Pageant?

I pursued my visions.

The greatest achievements of my life started as visions. They became manifest when I pursued them doggedly.

BUT FIRST I had to clarify exactly what they were!

In order to achieve, you must first conceive. And I’m here to help you access the insight and clarity you hold deep within. I’ve created a special offering to give you the tools and momentum you need.

Believe it or not, in just one day you can gain enough clarity to plan and execute a year’s worth of dreams.

And in just a weekend, you can set a complete roadmap, a compass and guide you can use to easily make decisions and stay focused.

Visioning is the answer.

Visioning is the eclectic technique I’ve used for the past 15 years to clarify my goals, define my ambitions, and develop roadmaps to achieve my dreams.

Visioning is an honoring and centering technique that reveals our truths, our talents, and our passions. When we’re clear in our visions, we can do ANYTHING.

Hoo boy. Okay, strap yourself in:

I’m teaching Visioning using my Muggle Name:

Amelia Casals.

Yep, it’s my real name! The images & graphics are gonna look different from Indigo, but it’s still me.

You might even catch me with no makeup on (gasp!), or short hair (yikes!) or even jeans (what?!?!?).

You can still call me Indigo, or Indy, or Miss Indigo, or heck, even Blue.

But in the spirit of authenticity, vulnerability, and risk-taking, I’m pulling back the curtain on a rarely seen piece of me.

Why? Because I’m going to ask you for YOUR authenticity, YOUR vulnerability, and YOUR risk-taking. And I’m here to meet you half-way.

There’s much more to come, and I’m excited to hear what you all think of this! I’ll be even MORE excited to have the chance to work with so many of you on making your dreams and ambitions come to fruition.

So, prepare yourself to meet the Visionatrix Amelia Casals (aka Muggle Me)!

Find out more about upcoming Visioning workshops HERE