Academy of Burlesque Health Update 3.16.20

Studio Blue Closed as of 3.17.20 – All Classes Now Offered ONLINE.

Dear Ones,

We have closed Studio Blue to the public as of Tuesday March 16, 2020 in accordance with the recommendations of City and State Officials. We are not holding in-person classes at this time.

The Academy of Burlesque is continuing to hold all scheduled classes ONLINE using ZOOM.

We realize this may be an unconventional means of taking classes for many of you. We are doing everything we can to ease the transition to an online format for our students and teachers during this time.

We want to thank you for your ongoing support, enthusiasm, and adaptability! Also, we want to thank you for supporting our wonderful instructors, who are all working artists!


Why are you closing the Studio?

The City and State are recommending closures of all non-essential businesses, so we are complying with these policies. It is of utmost importance to keep our students and instructors as healthy as possible during this time – and that means limiting their exposure to other people.

Are you stopping classes?

No! Classes are continuing – over the internet! Teachers and Students will meet using ZOOM, an online web conferencing/meeting platform.

Why did you decide to do Online Classes?

Our students want to keep dancing and learning! And we want to help ensure our Instructors continue earning income they need!

We have been offering select classes online for almost two years now, so we’re thrilled to put our experience to a wider use. We are actually excited to hold large group dance classes in an online format!

How do Online Classes work?

You’ll need to have access to the internet!

Students who are already registered for a class will receive an email update, with a link to their Online Class Room.

When you newly register for a class, you will receive an email notification with the link to your Online Class Room.

Before your class time, make sure you have downloaded the free ZOOM client for your computer (, or the free ZOOM app for your phone. YOU DO NOT NEED A PAID ACCOUNT.

15 minutes before your class starts, click the link for your Online Class Room. Indigo or another staff member will be on hand to provide tech support.

You will have the best experience using a desktop or laptop!

You’ll need a video camera (usually included in your laptop) and a mic (same) so that your teacher can see and hear you if you have questions. You can still participate from your phone, but your view of the instructor will be small!

You can participate in your living room! Try to make sure that you have uninterrupted time during class so you can focus (we know, this is a challenge for everyone!)

There might be quirks: slow connections, technical glitches, audio or video issues. We’re all learning! Prepare to have fun and practice patience.

What Classes Are Being Taught Online?:

  • Bump & Grind Dance Class with Indigo Blue, INGA and Ruby Mimosa (FREE through March!)
  • Zumba with Elsa Von Schmaltz
  • Visioning with Indigo Blue
  • Advanced Chair Work with Moscato Extatique (FULL)
  • Burlesque 202 with Waxie Moon (FULL)
  • Wig Styling Basics with Ruby Mimosa

NOTE: Stay tuned for info about Nox Fall’s Gutter Glamour and Inga’s Floorwork Intensive.

Will the Studio be open for private lessons and rentals?

At this time we are considering the Studio closed. We may rent out the studio on a case by case basis.

We prefer that you schedule your private lessons via Zoom at this time.

The Studio codes will be changed upon closure.

When will the Studio re-open?

We will be closed through the end of March and will reassess at that time, taking into consideration the recommendations of the city and state.

How can we support the Teachers even if we don’t want to take classes?

If you’d like to support the Instructors, please feel free to contribute to the Academy’s Venmo account (@academyofburlesque) with a note indicating “teacherlove” and we’ll distribute it equally to all our teachers bi-weekly with their paychecks.