Here at the Academy of Burlesque, health is our #1 priority!

At the Academy of Burlesque the health and well-being of our students and staff is at the top of our thoughts. Along with everyone, we’re concerned about the spread of coronavirus. We are especially concerned about the members of our Burlesque community who are immune-compromised, elders, or otherwise vulnerable. Classes are still happening at this time, but we want to make sure everyone who comes into the studio stays healthy.

Therefore, we are initiating a series of Studio Protocols that are intended to help keep our community as healthy as possible:


1. All surfaces in the studio have been newly sanitized.

2. Wipes are at the front desk for students, teachers, and admins to wipe off equipment and surfaces that after each class.

3. Should anyone not attend class due to illness, future class credit is always available. During this time, if the class you were attending was a specialty or guest instructor class, we will issue refunds on a case-by-case basis.

4. Should any of our instructors be ill, they will not come to the studio to teach class. Another instructor will fill in if available, and the ill instructor will receive a wellness stipend.

5. All props and shared costume pieces have been throughly washed, and will now be one-time use and washed after every class.

6. During this time, class sizes will be capped at a lower number.

We ask that all students and teachers adhere to these Health Policies during this time:


1. If you feel sick, have even a slight fever, or are coughing, please refrain from coming to the studio.

2. If you are immune compromised, please come to the studio only if you feel comfortable about being able to take sufficient precautions to keep yourself safe.

3. Please wash your hands completely with soap upon entry to the studio, and frequently as needed.

4. Please use the antibacterial wipes at the studio to clean any surfaces you touch while you’re at the studio. This includes props like chairs and yoga mats, as well as door knobs & handles.

5. While at the studio, please lovingly refrain from extra hugs, handshakes, and person:person contact. While these measures are NOT part of the CDC and WHO’s recommendations, we would like to ask you to be extra precautious at the studio during this time.

Note From Indigo:

We are looking into a pilot program of live Virtual Classes broadcast via the internet to our students using Zoom.


Over the last 18 months I have been teaching online classes as a means to expand our reach to communities who don’t have access to Burlesque in their area. While it was not my primary intent, I can now see that our experience with Virtual Classes may help us to continue providing a high level of service while protecting our teachers & students from inadvertent exposure to illnesses such as coronavirus. I’m investigating it now, and we will keep you posted as we have more information.

With love and healthy tassels,

Miss Indigo Blue