What do performers want? To perform! And how do performers GET to perform? Building your performance career requires  networking, doing research, going to different shows, and putting your foot in the door.

Ah, that’s where we all get a little tripped up… just what do you need to submit that great act, and what if you have…. multiple great acts? How do you, well, Get Your Sh*t Together?

Have WE got the thing for you! Indigo Blue has created a free, downloadable workbook all about how to get it done. We highly recommend it. Sign up to receive YOUR free download! →→→

Here’s how it breaks down:

1. Build A Great Act! (We know you’e got it!)
2. Find out where you want to perform. Burlesquefests.org is a great resource if you are looking to do the festival run and get out of your city
3. Prep to submit.

Download The Free Workbook!