A Loving (though late!) Farewell to spICE!

The spring session of Intermediate “Hips Don’t Lie” was spICE!’s last class at the Academy. We are so excited for her future endeavors, and so proud of her accomplishments this past year, which include being crowned the 2019-2020 Bronze Beauties of Burlesque Ambassador Queen. It is with great appreciation that the Academy acknowledges spICE! for her pedagogical contributions to the school and her consistent and dedicated student-centered teaching style.

spICE! brought with her a wealth of knowledge about teaching, the teaching of dance and a style of teaching that puts the needs of the students first and is rooted in the African aesthetic. 

In addition to restructuring “Hips Don’t Lie” to make it more accessible, spICE! is excited to continue creating video burlesque work and collaborating with Seattle artists whom she loves and admires. 

[… a note from the Headmistress:  In January spICE! shared with me her plans to leave the Academy in May.  Although I had *plenty* of time to create a transition process and have this announcement out in a timely fashion, I didn’t.  I did not attend to this important communication to our community. I apologize to the teachers, students and other community members. spICE! has been an amazing teacher, colleague, and collaborator and I apologize for the way in which this unacceptable delay did not honor her contributions promptly and with the timely respect she deserves. We have discussed it. I apologized and my apology was accepted. I would also like to express my gratitude for spICE!’s recommendation to create an outgoing notification procedure for future teachers, which is now in our company files – and this misstep will not happen again.]