Ten things I have learned in my first few months at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque:

  • First order of business when opening the studio, sweep up the marabou feathers from the last class

  • There is always a chocolate covered treat in the teacher snack drawer

  • Every day is bring your dog to work day (Sombrero, maracas and all!)

  • The students are the best

  • The teachers are the best

  • There will always be a rhinestone stuck to the bottom of my shoe when leaving the studio

  • I love my job

  • Communication is more than key when scheduling and organizing our instructors who are also performers that are highly in demand

  • The recitals that culminate the Burlesque and Boylesque 101 series are so inspiring to watch, and make me proud to be a part of an experience that is transformative for so many people

  • This place is where #funissexy