Welcome to the Academy of Burlesque!

Start Here for your journey to sexy fun times! We specialize in making the fun, glamour, and glitter of Burlesque accessible to everyone.

Learn the fundamental moves of Burlesque dance in the “Bump and Grind” dance class. No dance experience is necessary!

Our most basic overview of Burlesque is “The Art Of The Tease”. This quickie class gives a snapshot of Burlesque history and lets you try the sassy movements that classic entertainers use.

Bring those moves in to the Boudoir with “How To Strip For Your Lover”. Show your sweetie what you’ve got in mind, and learn to leave a little to the imagination.

Streamline your sashay with “Walking In Heels” and build confidence as you elevate that sexy bod.

Put the moves together with the most simple, elegant and suggestive of Burlesque props with our “Boa Tease” class, where you’ll learn a simple choreography you can do anywhere.

Get the Burlesque look with our Wig Styling and Stage Makeup classes in collaboration with the Burlesque Boutique!