Maggie McMuffin


March 4th, 2018 at 12:00-1:30pm

Stage Kitten Class


Stage kittening. Pick up artistry. Panty bossing, whatever you call it it’s important to a good show. From backstage communication to onstage presence and everything in between Maggie McMuffin will TEACH YOU the tricks you need to be top notch stripper picker upper!

Learn how to communicate with producers, please performers, and not distract from the emcee.

*Students should come prepared to take notes and do physical exercises.

Maggie McMuffin is a professional performing artist who wears many hats (and sometimes sculpts them out of tin foil). She holds a BFA in Theatre from the University of Montana and combines her theatrical training with her experience as a professional sex worker and part-time mermaid to infuse the atmosphere with laughter, surrealism, and eroticism. Her skills as a clown, sketch, and physical comedian have enabled her to create memorable characters and ambient performances, including the beloved Pizza Mermaid, who brings saucy joy to children and adults alike. Her one-woman show, 3 Raccoons in a G-String, was made on a dare. 

In addition to acting, Maggie is also a renowned burlesque, cabaret artist, and go go dancer who was famously kicked off a Jet Blue flight because of her shorts. She has performed at numerous festivals throughout the US and Canada, and holds the title of “Dirty, Dirty Stripper” from the Seattle Burlesque Games, where she also was crowned co-Mayor of Seattle Burlesque in 2017.

McMuffin is not only a porn-sick bisexual, but is also bicoastal, and splits her time between New York and Seattle. 


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