Chesty LaRue



So, you want to create a political act? Will it be comedic, somber, or full of rage? How can you form the act to accurately portray your stance in addition to being socially conscious? There are many factors to consider when constructing a political act. Political Burlesque is the class to help you start thinking critically about the why and how. Political Burlesque is designed to give the information and insight to comfortably (and responsibly!) create an act based on difficult or uneasy topics. With lecture, discussion, and videos of various political act examples, you will leave class with a new found understanding of what a political act means and the structure to devise a performance that says something.

Born and raised here in the Emerald City, Chesty LaRue began her journey in burlesque in 2009. After her mom saw a segment about the Academy of Burlesque’s Burlesque 101 workshop on a local television show, she encouraged her to apply. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Chesty signed up. Upon completion of Burlesque 101, Chesty took her unique style to stages across the West Coast, and as far as Helsinki, Finland.

Chesty uses humor, wit, and confusion to entertain, and experiential social commentary to start a conversation. Whether her performances make you laugh, or question your role in this world, Chesty always tells a provocative story.

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