Visioning Intensives with Indigo Blue

Visioning with Indigo Blue is now open to all!  Previously only offered to Burlesque 202 Students, there are now Visioning Intensives available for all. 

Offered Online and at StudioBlue

Next Date: Saturday, March 21, 2020

Visioning Intensive

Onsite at studioBLUE

Visioning Intensives

Insight.  Tools.  A Road Map. 

In one day, you will gain more clarity than you thought possible. You will be inspired with fresh new ideas, answers to the question, “what’s next?”, and an actual concise set of achievable goals.

Compassion.  Support.  Clarity. 

You will experience the honing and healing of your heart’s vision, the grounding and clarity you’ve so craved, and a greater connection with your inner self.  You’ll be supported to name where you are, specify what you want, and make your roadmap to get there.

With a clear plan of action to move through fear, you’ll feel personal confidence in your next steps, and gain courage to achieve your Vision.

Miss Indigo Blue (aka Amelia Casals, Visionatrix) provides expert guidance for the journey, and loving feedback during the process.