Visioning Intensives and Retreats with Indigo Blue

Visioning with Indigo Blue is now open to all!  Previously only offered to Burlesque 202 Students, there are two Visioning Intensives available for Winter 2018-2019. A Full Weekend Visioning Retreat to have your best year ever is now scheduled in Seattle.

Daylong Visioning Intensives at StudioBlue:

Saturday December 29, 11am – 5pm 

Sunday January 6, 11am – 5pm

Online Intensive via ZOOM:

Sunday December 30, 11am – 5pm

Weekend Retreat in Columbia City, Seattle:

Friday January 18 – Sunday January 20

Retreat begins at 5pm Friday and concludes at 5pm Sunday

Visioning Intensives

Insight.  Tools.  A Road Map. 

In one day, you will gain more clarity than you thought possible. You will be inspired with fresh new ideas, answers to the question, “what’s next?”, and an actual concise set of achievable goals.

Compassion.  Support.  Clarity. 

You will experience the honing and healing of your heart’s vision, the grounding and clarity you’ve so craved, and a greater connection with your inner self.  You’ll be supported to name where you are, specify what you want, and make your roadmap to get there.

With a clear plan of action to move through fear, you’ll feel personal confidence in your next steps, and gain courage to achieve your Vision.

Miss Indigo Blue (aka Amelia Casals, Visionatrix) provides expert guidance for the journey, and loving feedback during the process.

Visioning Retreat

Full Weekend Retreat – Seattle 

Honor the dawning of a New Year and a new chapter in your life! You will be transformed during this powerful and reflective 3-day retreat at a charming private residence in Columbia City, Seattle.

With ample time for connection and reflection, you will break through blocks with guided meditations, and get clear and focused through structured visioning exercises. 

Cherish this rare time to care for yourself and your worthy ambitions, and enjoy the perfect blend of movement, writing, laughing, sharing, and relaxing with Indigo Blue (aka Amelia Casals, Visionatrix) and your new friends.

Residential (sleepover) and Commuter options. Cost includes lessons, visioning materials, luscious snacks, and daily lunches. Transportation, morning and evening meals, and optional social activities not included.


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