Large Fan Dancing – Intro Workshop

Learn more about burlesque feather fan dancing!  In this one-day workshop oriented towards beginning fan dancers, learn how to work with large, traditional, “Sally Rand”-style ostrich feather fans.  Led by The One The Only Inga, this class teaches moves and poses, proper fan holding techniques, strengthening exercises and basic floor work – all specific to working with large fans.

The first 75 minutes will be guided instruction, followed by 45 minutes of open workshop and one-on-one instruction.

We recommend that you have completed our introductory “Fan-Tastic” series or already have a set of fans that you’ve worked with.  Bring your own fans or rent a pair of ours. Space and fan rentals are limited, so sign up now!  Please no mirabou, silk, paddle, or tribute fans.

Class price: $35

Fan rental fee: $10 (5 pairs available)

Next Date: TBD

Instructor: The One The Only Inga



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