The G-String Warrior Work-Out

Wednesday January 18th, 7 – 8pm

“A single word has the power to influence and alter the expression of genes.”

The body responds to and is sculpted by the messages from our mind. What we say to ourselves while engaging the body can unleash optimism or lock in a negative script, even confining particular emotions to muscles groups (and their related organs).  Our mind’s messages can be released, reshaped, and supercharged in numerous ways.

In this self-empower hour for God/desses of all levels of fitness, ability, and positivity, Sweetpea will stimulate your mind while leading you through a full-body workout, combining circuits (Pea Pods) with corresponding affirmations, and the explanations to make sense of it along the way.  At the end of the great mind/body workout, students will also leave with a handout outlining the workout, the affirmations and explanations, and extra resources.

If you’ve found yourself not getting the response you should for the self-care work you’re doing, have plateaued in some way, or simply want to equip yourself with a few new tools for “leveling up” to acceptance or optimal expression – we’ll see you in class!

About Pea: In addition to 13 years as a burlesque entertainer, Sweetpea has 20 years of experience as personal trainer, 10 years’ experience in Functional Medicine, and 8 years as a Therapeutic Lifestyle Coach.

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$30 Day Of

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