Red Bone

Make Choreography Easy

Wednesday January 18th, 8 – 9pm

What is choreography? In a nutshell, choreography is designing & memorizing moments, motion and/or formations to and from the next moment, motion and/or formation. Dancing should compliment or enhance the story you’re telling, not distract!  Keep it simple! Standing with beautiful posture and lines can be just as powerful as intricate choreography.  Move right for you and grow from there. In this class we will:

A: Walk and talk stage mapping and the emotional ties of certain spots on stage.

B: Play with exercises to assist in coming up with movement and how to apply and manipulate it.

C: Talk about various ways to memorize what you create.

Please bring: heels, notebook & writing utensil and wear comfortable clothes for movement.

Note: This is a composition style class. Not specifically a “dance” class.  I will not be giving you movement. You will be learning tools & ideas to create your own movement.

Description: All dance moves can be altered to fit any setting simply by changing the music, intention or mental picture of what you are creating aka freestyling.  RedBone will teach a simple combination of steps that you will then repeat with several different genres of music, characters and visualization.

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