Perle Noire

Monday March 21, 6 – 7:30pm

Perlesque: Healing through Seduction

The Healing Through Seduction Series introduces students to the art of seduction, connecting with your audience, and the beauty of self-love. The workshop will cover 3 fundamental basics of seduction through movement, and connection exercises. Students will learn the power of affirmations, a choreographed dance routine , and Perle’s signature choreography. Evoke the seductress within!

Students should wear dance class attire (leotard, stretch pants, or shorts).
This workshop is open to all levels and genders. No nudity.
Class format will include:
Warm up/Stretching
Connection Exercise
Saunter Exercise
Cool Down
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About Perle Noire:

Perle Noire’s unique and dynamic style has earned her a spot with Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray Tour and numerous awards from the Burlesque Hall of Fame Miss Exotic World Competition which include, Best Debut Performer (2008), 2nd Runner-Up Overall Performance (2009) and Most Dazzling Performer (2012). Perle was honored yet again by performing her signature moves at the prestigious, Sydney Opera House with the 5 star production, Velvet. With a combination of glamour, seductive choreography, and stage presence, she is the most celebrated exotique woman in burlesque since Josephine Baker. She is, the Mahogany Queen of Burlesque!

Private Lessons with Perle Noire

Tuesday March 22nd

Limited availability – get in touch to reserve your spot now! 5 Hour-long spots available 12 – 7pm

Dirty Martini


Tuesday January 26th, 2016


Private Lessons with


Miss Exotic World 2004 Dirty Martini!


Limited Availability!

Slots at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 4pm, and 5pm  $125/hour Use Dirty Martini’s years of performance experience to guide you through the process of developing your individuality and importance as a performer that will make you stand out from the crowd. Contact us to book a lesson:

Saturday January 30th, 2016


Dirty Martini


12 – 1:30pm Powerful Grace

  SOLD OUT! Epaulement and other naughty foreign words a burlesque queen should know… This class teaches the essential studies of ballet as applied to burlesque movement.  Perfect for adult beginner dancers, Powerful Grace explores the structure of a classical ballet class but breaks free of the traditional applying ballet principals to basic burlesque dance movement.  The class focuses on economy of movement and corporeal awareness for stage performers.  Ballet barre warm up leads to bump and grind center.  Tailor made for any level of expertise, students can learn the building blocks of choreography, mastering them for use on the stage. Class Size limited to 20 participants.


2 – 3:30pm Fan Dancing with Anything… Except Feather Fans!


Dirty Martini’s ultimate guide to graceful fan dancing… with anything! Learn tricks of the trade from the one and only Sally Rand Award winner. You bring it…Dirty Martini will teach you to dance with it!  This class will teach you the basics of classic fan dancing and new movement ideas for unusual props.  Bring your NON-feather fan prop, concept and some clothing to move comfortably in.  The class starts with a warm up designed especially for burlesque performers to experiment with new ways of moving on the stage and promotes proper stage deportment.   Following the warm up, students will put on their high heels to dig in and learn secret moves developed from Miss Martini’s many years spent researching vintage burlesque while establishing her New Burlesque movement vocabulary. Participants MUST bring their own props, nothing will be provided.  Any hand held prop will do, but preferably a light object that has enough surface space to catch air and cover the body. Due to space limitations, Items must be less than a 24” span. Class size limited to 12 participants.

About Dirty Martini:

The “definition of burlesque” Miss Dirty Martini is one of the most famous and celebrated Burlesque performers in the world and for good reason! This voluptuous vixen is a thrill to watch on stage for her high-energy, extravagant, and over-the-top performance acts incorporating classic burlesque styles and contemporary themes. She has spearheaded the new burlesque revolution in New York City and all over the world with her over the top physique and classical dance training, bringing vintage glamour into the 21st century. She has been photographed by Karl Lagerfeld, starred in the film Tournee, co-stars in Dita Von Teese’s touring show Strip Strip Hooray, and has bee voted the number one burlesque performer in the year by her fans for 4 consecutive years. A favorite of original burlesque performers of the 1940’s and 1950’s, Miss Martini has become an underground celebrity and favorite headliner nationally and all over the world. The Academy of Burlesque is delighted to present Dirty Martini’s classes and is grateful to Iva Fiero’s Block Rockin Tease for bringing Dirty back to Seattle!

Bazuka Joe


January 16, 2016


1 – 2:30pm Movement and Musicality

Movement and Musicality is a dance-based, hands-on movement class that focuses on music theory as a driver to create sophisticated, thoughtful choreography. One part lecture, three parts movement, the class delves into stage crafting, the use of direction to impact mood and intention, playing with the audience’s focus, and manipulating rhythms and accents. Movement and Musicality is designed for all levels of performance from the novice to the career performer. Students need a notepad, pen, and comfortable clothes to move in. $35 Register for Movement&Musicality

2:30 – 4pm Jazz Dance 101

Jazz 101 is a 90 minute straight up dance class presented by Bazuka Joe of The Stage Door Johnnies. Dancers will actively participate in stretching exercises, a choreographed warm-up, strength and core work, and learn a combination that includes elements of basic jazz and Fosse techniques. Jazz 101 is open to performers of all levels, and is a gender-neutral aesthetic. Dancers should come prepared to move, wearing dance appropriate clothing and flexible footwear. $35 Register for Jazz Dance


Bettina May’s Pin-Up Class


Since 2006 Bettina May has been helping women around the world speak the universal language of good hair, showing them how to skillfully apply makeup, and giving them the confidence to pull it all off and feel great. She teaches women how simple it is to re-create vintage style using techniques culled from stylists and the original experts in all things vintage, grandmothers!

In her full-day class, you’ll learn how to curl and style your hair, apply perfect pin-up makeup, and pose for photos with confidence. You’ll get your very own classic pin-up photoshoot, hi-res images, and a group of new friends who share your love of vintage culture. Her class takes place in a safe, supportive environment, and she guarantees you will leave feeling more confident and glamorous than when you came in.


Chair Acro with Mr. Gorgeous

This class explores various ways to maneuver around and pose on the chair. This 60 minute class begins with a warm-up and stretch, headstand, shoulder stand, and rolling section, followed by exploring tricks and shapes on the chair. This class is good for students who are new to acrobatics and those who are looking to explore core techniques that allow the body to maneuver on chairs and other sturdy props.


Arc of the Tease: Applied 

with Jonny Porkpie

Join us for a 90 minute burlesque workshop for Seattle’s seasoned performers  by Jonny Porkpie.

This advanced version of the celebrated class will help you get through some of the blocks that can plague an experienced performer, and rethink numbers in ways that will get you out of your head and back onto the stage.
Amazing costume — check! Brilliant concept — check! Incredible moves — check!  So why isn’t the damn act working?
Some numbers roll out of our minds and onto the stage with ease, others we struggle with and struggle with and they still just don’t click. So how do we take these troublesome acts to the next level? The answer: a closer examination of Arc, the rising tension from lights up to dress down.
Whether story number or classic tease, comedy bit or slow seduction, character exploration, acrobatic extravaganza, or all at once, a good arc can be the difference between an act that sits on the shelf… and an act the audience is screaming for.


Perlesque with PERLE NOIRE

Visiting from New York! See her website



Samba-Lesque with LOLA LOVE

Learn the basic samba step and other popular moves seen in samba while learning a sexy piece of choreography. Bump, grind and samba in this aerobic class aimed to offer technique, build confidence and be a ton of fun.

Visiting from Hawaii! See her website




Jazz-Lesque with COCO LECTRIC

Award-winning burlesque performer and producer, Coco Lectric, brings you a slinky, sultry jazz class celebrating the sensual style of Bob Fosse in Jazzlesque! Learn the foundation of traditional Jack Cole jazz techniques of stage and screen to the sexed-up, statuesque style Fosse brought to audiences all over the world.

Visiting from Texas! See her website



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