Interview: Ernie Von Schmaltz

Today our Academy interview team sat down with Elsa/ Ernie Von Schmaltz to talk about what it’s like being a women who plays both a male and a female character onstage.   AOB: Do you consider Ernie a Boylesque character? A drag character? What’s the difference...

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Opinion: The One The Only Inga

Instructor The One The Only Inga related some wisdom she's come to regarding 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 list, and other awards and accolades in the burlesque world. 21st Century Burlesque picked up the post in their blog, and we're sharing it with you again,...

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Interview: Recent Boylesque Graduates

As we ramp up to Boylesque 101 (starts March 19th!), we wanted to offer you two perspectives from recent male graduates of the Academy. Apollo Vidra took Boylesque 101 last year, and The Marquis Facade took Burlesque 101 last summer with Indigo Blue. Both have...

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Article: “The Making of a Burlesque Dancer”

Reagan Jackson is a writer, artist, activist, international educator and award winning journalist. She’s been a regular contributor to the Seattle Globalist since 2013. Her self published works include two children’s books (Coco LaSwish: A Fish from a Different...

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Tips & Tricks: Costuming with Amara Strutt

Our newest Teacher in Training, Amara Strutt, comes to us with a background in costume design, and here she talks about her creative process and some tips and tricks for costuming burlesque acts! AOB: Where do you get inspiration for costumes? Amara: My process in...

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Looking Back: Jo Weldon’s Residency at AOB

Jo with the cast of the 2014 Alumni invitational showcase. Looking Back: Jo "Boobs" Residency Over the years the Academy of Burlesque has been proud to host a number of visiting guest instructors. We love bringing in talent from other parts of the country to...

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