“Coming Out” as a Burlesque Performer

Today marks the 28th anniversary of National Coming Out Day! Here at The Academy, we wanted to acknowledge this special day by asking some of our Queer-identified faculty and visiting instructors - How was coming out as a burlesque performer different from coming out...

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Article: 7 Brazilian Burlesque Performers Worth Knowing

I am so excited to introduce you to these amazing Brazilian Burlesque Performers!  Two of them have traveled and performed in the US, but the others you will be just getting to know.   Although we're on opposite sides of the equator, Brazil and the US have always had...

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Interview: Vegan Burlesque with Crystal Tassels and Bettina May

Happy Earth Day, Darlings!  At the Academy of Burlesque we try to live lightly upon the earth. Even our small decisions, like using recycled paper and LED bulbs in our dance studio, have an impact on our planet.   In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to explore other ways...

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Interview: Ernie Von Schmaltz

Today our Academy interview team sat down with Elsa/ Ernie Von Schmaltz to talk about what it’s like being a women who plays both a male and a female character onstage.   AOB: Do you consider Ernie a Boylesque character? A drag character? What’s the difference between...

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Opinion: The One The Only Inga

Instructor The One The Only Inga related some wisdom she's come to regarding 21st Century Burlesque's Top 50 list, and other awards and accolades in the burlesque world. 21st Century Burlesque picked up the post in their blog, and we're sharing it with you again,...

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