A Minute with Chesty LaRue

How did you get your start in Burlesque? I got into burlesque thanks in part to my mom. I had been to maybe one or two burlesque shows but never thought about participating. My mom told me about a segment she saw about the Academy of Burlesque and the Burlesque 101...

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Introducing spICE!

I recently had the privilege of being able to have a chat and ask a few questions of the Academy's newest addition to the family spICE! She is an accomplished dancer and athlete who is full of wit and insight, and I look forward to getting to working with her and...

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Cookie’s Top Ten List

Ten things I have learned in my first few months at Miss Indigo Blue’s Academy of Burlesque: First order of business when opening the studio, sweep up the marabou feathers from the last class There is always a chocolate covered treat in the teacher snack drawer Every...

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Welcome to Cookie Bellini, Academy Administrator

We are delighted to welcome incoming Academy of Burlesque Administrator Cookie Bellini to the AOB team!  Cookie is a seasoned dancer, performer, and administrator who is a great new addition to our team. You may have seen Cookie on stage at the Triple Door, as she is...

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“Coming Out” as a Burlesque Performer

Today marks the 28th anniversary of National Coming Out Day! Here at The Academy, we wanted to acknowledge this special day by asking some of our Queer-identified faculty and visiting instructors - How was coming out as a burlesque performer different from coming out...

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Article: 7 Brazilian Burlesque Performers Worth Knowing

I am so excited to introduce you to these amazing Brazilian Burlesque Performers!  Two of them have traveled and performed in the US, but the others you will be just getting to know.   Although we're on opposite sides of the equator, Brazil and the US have always had...

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